الجمعة، 18 أكتوبر 2019


I already looked in my photos and realised that : that kid is lost and i’m already lost ; i think nothing will heal my wounds and there are no plce to go to ; to be safe or to even be saved or sure of anything ; i hope the echo of my voice will travel through all the boundaries and galaxies to reach somewhere i belong and longing to ; cause after all i don’t know which kind of fathers will i be and don’t know also how to be better because there are no time to replace all the dark sides which controlled by my dark passenger 
The dark passenger is already alone and trying to get help when nobody will answer ; the fight is already started in my mind and also in my soul ; some parts refused to obey the rules and some others think it’s amazing to be bad ; today i know noting about any thing or even about the (point of the light ) and don’t know will my kids make me proud of them or know ; i can’t talk to any one about my secrets and about myself ; i feel desappointed and helpless as a stupid sick person ; let’s face the truth which is ; i’m really really sick person and also a haunted one and the most important one was that : th proficy was right and i can’t fullfill it because after all i’m scared and not sure which one will i trust and will i be betrayed again ? I don’t know but i’m sure there are no place for me ; no fucking place ; because i don’t deserve shultter and i will stay i the darkness of my soul and my memories .
Kareem P